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Jam Tracks in F# Minor

80 minutes of background music for improvising and jamming in the key of F# Minor. 24 tracks in different styles that can be used for practice or performance.

Official Release date: August 11, 2009

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©2009 Manifest Spirit Records, 24 tracks, MSR-NT03.

Track Samples

1. Skipping Stones — Clint Goss

2. Many Dreams — Richard Brooner

3. Beyond the Hills — James Cook

4. Kingston Waterfall — Peter Dubner

5. Prairie Panorama — James Cook

6. With Heart — Clint Goss

7. Didge Jam — Nick Burman

8. Under the Stars — Jacqueline Bhuyan, David Bhuyan

9. Gong — Clint Goss

10. Sequoia — Michael DeMaria

11. Symphonic — Clint Goss

12. Soar — Clint Goss

13. Ascending — James Cook

14. Mercury Falling Twice — Richard Brooner

15. Three for Jim — Peter Dubner

16. Green Haven — Richard Brooner

17. EastWest — Clint Goss

18. Midnight Rambling — Richard Brooner

19. Morning Prayer — Jacqueline Bhuyan, David Bhuyan

20. Second Street — Jim Oshinsky

21. Hurrian Hymn — Michael Levy

22. Hang Tribute — Holly Foster, Eugene Carr, David Rudge

23. Moonlight Serenade — James Cook

24. Oh Seven Oh Eight — Peter Dubner

Track Notes

I am ever grateful to the incredible musicians who contributed to these tracks …

1. Skipping Stones. A straightforward guitar track that I recorded in the studio, as a backing track to an on-line concert I was doing solo. There's really two guitars overdubbed, with the second guitar (mostly in the left channel) playing a very simple lead that you can easily work with and play off on the native flute.

2. Many Dreams. A sweeping, majestic track by composer Richard Brooner that he played and recorded live.

3. Beyond the Hills. James Cook developed this gorgeous background track with an easy chord progression on the guitar. I love playing long tones over this track

4. Kingston Waterfall. The first of three background tracks on this CD by Peter Dubner.

5. Prairie Panorama. Another James Cook track … check out his YouTube video using this backing track and Jim's flute lead:

Here's an overdub of this background track by Randy Motz, titled Cliff Palace Serenade, track 1 from his CD Canyon Whispers (available on Amazon and CD-Baby):

6. With Heart. A piano background to a specific melody that I play in concerts.

Here's a recording with the flute melody the way I play it. I would love to hear other approaches to this track … if you come up with one send me a sample!

7. Didge Jam. A didge-centered track by master didge player Nick “the Burmanator” Burman. Have fun with this one!

8. Under the Stars. The first of two tracks written and played by Jacqueline Bhuyan, with arrangement and orchestration and mixing by her son David Bhyuan.

9. Gong. A track I composed entirely from various gongs and bells that we've collected from all over the world, with a choir “ooh” sound for support.

10. Sequoia. Michael DeMaria laid down the basic keyboard riffs on an electric piano and I added bass and percussion.

11. Symphonic. A straightforward repeating chord progression I composed for strings and harp.

12. Soar. This tracks also appeared on Jam Tracks in A Minor, and is transposed here for F# minor flutes. This make a nice performace track and works great with long tones.

13. Ascending. James Cook provides this understated guitar and string track, recorded and mixed in his studio.

14. Mercury Falling Twice. A composition of Richard Brooner recorded in his project studio.

15. Three for Jim. Jim Murphy sent me a message: “On your next one, how about some in 3/4 time. I write a lot in 3/4, and it makes sense in pentatonic. Thanks.” … so … here it is! A track done "for Jim" by Peter Dubner.

16. Green Haven. A live recording by Richard Brooner of his composition.

17. EastWest. A Middle Eastern-style backing track done on tamboura with tabla from sound samples by Kuldip Bhatt. I often play to this track in one of the alternate scales on the Native Flute.

18. Midnight Rambling. Another live recording composed by Richard Brooner.

19. Morning Prayer. The second track by Jacqueline Bhuyan, done in a very open and spacious style.

20. Second Street. A jazz-style backing track with Jim Oshinsky on bass. I you like this style, Jim has another track, Walking on E Street, on Jam Tracks in E Minor.

21. Hurrian Hymn. This track is a rendition what is currently believed to be the oldest written sheet music! I became facinated with this song a few years ago, arranged it for Native Flute, and put up this web page on the Flutopedia.com web site. This version was done by Michael Levy, an expert in authentic instruments of the period. He found the sheet music on the FluteKey site and played it on a Lyre similar to those from the time period.

22. Hang Tribute. This track was done by Holly Foster as a tribute to (and in the same key as) the PanArt instrument, the Hang. Eugene Carr and David Rudge provided overdubs on cello and violin.

23. Moonlight Serenade. A wonderful native-style track done by Jim Cook.

24. Oh Seven Oh Eight. An improvised piano track by Peter Dubner. This tracks also appeared on Jam Tracks in A Minor, and is transposed here for F# minor flutes.


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