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Would you like to be on the cover of a CD?

We are inviting NAF players to submit photographs of themselves. A handful of photos will be chosen to be used on one of the covers of the Native Flute Tracks CDs. People chosen for covers will be noted on this web site, with a link to any web site or email address you would like. And, of course, you'll get a complimentary CD.

Each of the CDs has a line-art rendition of a different flute player on the cover. All you have to do is take a side-shot of a yourself playing a flute, and email it to us. Here are some specifics:

  • The photo should be the highest quality, uncompressed digital photo. A 4 megabyte photo is not too big!

  • The angle of the camera to the flute player should be not quite a direct side-shot - it should be slightly from the front.

  • You can be facing either left or right.

  • The flute needs to be held up fairly high. Notice in the sample above how high the flute is.

  • The background is not relevant, but a solid background (like a blank wall) is the easiest for me to work with graphically.

  • Natural-light photographs are generally better than flash photographs.

  • Do not stand too close to the wall to avoid shadows.

  • Sharp shadows are not good ... If needed, use several lights to fill in the shadows.

  • After you take the photo, check it for facial expression, finger position on the flute, and dark shadows.

Unfortunately, we can't use the likeness of anybody who is famous, or whose image might appear to be a mis-representation. (Sorry, R.C.)

To submit a photo, just email the photo to me at clint@goss.com.


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